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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust

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Behaviour and Rewards System

We are currently reassessing our Behaviour and Rewards systems at school. We are looking at taking a 'Restorative' approach to decisions which have been made.

Over the last term we have worked on our Behaviours for Learning and the expectations that we have in school. 

In order to have consistency in school we use the 'One, two, three, eyes on me' 'One, two, eyes on you' call and response in all classes and as a whole school. This allows any member of staff to be able to get the attention of a class or whole school consistently.

Behaviours for Learning - you will hear children and staff talking about 'STAR' sitting - this is an agreed method we use across the school and children will be able to explain what it means.

  • S - Sit up straight (We know that good posture can help children with handwriting)
  • T - Track the speaker (It's important that we look at the person who is talking - regardless of where they are in the room)
  • A - Ask and Answer questions (This shows that we are engaged in the learning)
  • R - Respect for all (This is a key aspect of our behaviours for learning - each class will have a class charter which explains what      this looks like)


Children have a range of rewards for behaviours for learning.

These range from:

  •  stickers in class
  • stickers from senior leaders
  • Head Teacher Awards
  • certificates for achievement
  • sharing of work in celebration assembly
  •  rewards with the Head teacher (i.e hot chocolate)
  • house points