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Fierté Multi-Academy Trust

Our Family of Schools


At Ankermoor Primary Academy, we believe it is important for our pupils to have a strong understanding of the world around them through stimulating and engaging lessons. We encourage the children to work scientifically whilst using a range of specific skills to deepen their understanding of the science curriculum.

Science at Ankermoor is taught throughout both key stages with some topics being revisited in later year groups to enhance their understanding. Within these topics, scientific enquiry skills are embedded to help children retain the information, increase their understanding and build on their prior knowledge they already have.

Children are encouraged to become independent learners through the use of skills such as, observing, investigating and questioning when exploring scientific based problems. We have a progression of skills so children are not repeating the same skills and are developing them throughout their school years. This is also to challenge and keep them motivated when answering scientific problems.  Children are introduced to vocabulary linked to their topics to answer and solve problems scientifically.

As a school, we provide the children with a scientific vocabulary sheet at the beginning of each topic to introduce them to the key vocabulary they will need to understand. We also plan engaging lessons, trips and visits to encourage challenge and progression for the children.

Our science curriculum is planned to ensure the children have a love for science whilst making good or better progress.