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Ankermoor Primary Academy

Ankermoor Primary Academy


At Ankermoor Academy, we aim to make everyone, children and adults a reader. Reading is enthusiastically promoted throughout all areas of the curriculum.

Reading is explored in a variety of different ways:

  • Phonics is taught daily from Reception to Year 2, we follow a systematic synthetic approach to phonics using Letters and Sounds
  • KS2 have a daily phonics intervention group, which also follows a systematic synthetic approach.
  • Daily Guided reading sessions take place in KS1. Throughout the week, all children will complete different reading lessons:
  • A shared reading session, where we use Cracking Comprehension and focus in the reading domain.
  •  A decoding session where we use decodable books (set at each child’s letters and sounds phase). Adults model the process of recognising the sounds that each grapheme makes in a word & demonstrates how to blend those sounds together to read them.
  • A comprehension session where we use Big Cats Letters and Sounds books (set at each child’s letters and sounds phase). Each week we focus on different reading domain and our lessons are taught using Canine Helpers. 
  • A prosody session takes place once a week, all learners are encouraged to read out loud with appropriate fluency and expression as modelled simultaneously by the class teacher
  • KS2 has a 2 week cycle:

Week 1 – Guided Reading – where children explore the different reading domains taught through Canine Helpers.

Week 2 – Shared Reading – where children explore a variety of books, focusing on vocabulary.

  • Daily read aloud sessions take place where teachers take books from Pie Corbett's Reading Spine to challenge and engage the children.
  • Each term, we have a different author focus where the children turn their classroom door into their author focus door.
  • Our science and Topic lessons are taught through a hook taken from a text.

The reading diet we offer our learners is varied and motivational. Each year group has their own reading corner where children can go and read for pleasure. Each year group has a reading spine; books matched to their T4W lessons and books matched to their science and topic lessons. All of these books are aimed to challenge the children.

Each week, children in KS1 will bring home a decodable book and a Big Cats Letters and Sounds book - these books are all matched to the child’s phonic knowledge.

Each week, children in KS2 will bring home a Project X book which is ARE and in some cases a book banded book matched to their phonic knowledge.

Every week, all children will bring home a library book to share at home with their parents.

We expect children to read as often as they can at home and for this to be recorded in their reading diary. We celebrate the number of reads each child has and when children hit the different milestones 25, 50, 75, 100, 250 reads they will get a prize.