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Ankermoor Primary Academy

Ankermoor Primary Academy

Year 4 - Ribble

Welcome to Team Ribble With Mrs Price. I look forward to an exciting school year with you.

Please use this web page to support and extend your learning at home.

If you have any problems or questions please speak to Mrs Price :) 



These are some games and websites that we use in class. Have a go and don't forget to record your efforts in your reading diary. Good luck!


We are having a big focus on Times tables - Please use TTRS regularly to practise.

SOUNDCHECK  is similar to the style of questions your child will have in their Y4 multiplication Check in the summer term.

Autumn 2 focus - time

This week our focus is place value

Have a look at making numbers with place value cards and diennes - click here

numbers to 1000 on a number line

compare numbers on a number line to 10000

This site is useful for addition facts

Addition facts games

Hit the button - practise your number facts!!


Love reading for kids is an excellent site to find out about new books and authors that your child may be interested in. Pleasure of reading is so important. YOu do NOT need to buy these books - you could visit the library to loan a book.

Please ensure you sign your child's reading diary every time you read with them. Model good reading with expression and ask them questions about the text to ensure that they understand what they have read. Reading prompts have been added to your child's reading diary.

love reading for kids

These questions may help you when reading with your child

First news - An excellent child friendly news paper to learn about what is going on in the world. This week's edition is here


This terms focus for spelling rules are suffixes.   There will not be weekly tests. These are termly based on the common statutory words. Please practise regularly. A copy of spellings wil be sent home

It is important your child can spell the Y1/2 common exception words also and practise the Y3/4 statutory words regularly.

There are lots of fun ways to practise spellings. is also great to practise spelling rules taught in class.

 Please see spelling ideas sheet for fun ways you can practise spelling with you child. click here

spelling bug

Y1 common exception words

Y2 common exception words

Y3/4 statutory words


Talk 4 writing

Our  focus in writing is vocabulary and character description. We will learn a version of the story " The Little Red Riding hood".  At the end of the teaching children will use ideas from this story to write their own version.

Encourage your child to develop their vocabulary. When reading make sure they understand what the words mean. You could use a dictionary or a thesaurus to help. (This also practices dictionary skills) Add any tricky or exciting words to your reading diary.

This is our setting text Please read and learn